From Accra and Colombo to Copenhagen and Bangalore, we've scoured the world to find 25 incredible small business owners to share the lessons they've learned over the years. 

Follow the links below to find out more about their stories and insights.

1. The value of staying consistent, with bodega owner Rafael Perez (New York City).

2. How to work with influencers, with skincare app developer Ahana Banerjee (London).

3. Working with local producers, with architects Elias and Yousef Anastas (Bethlehem).

4. Building a founding team, with serial entrepreneur ​​Deborah Choi (Berlin).

5. Making your restaurant a brand, with chef Marion Ringbord (Sweden).

6. Setting standards for yourself, with creative Anuradha Bhaumick (Bangalore).

7. The art of manufacturing slowly, with textile printer Lara Marchi (Rimini).

8. Dealing with competitors, with garden owner Rebecka Bjelfvenstam Keeling (Matakana).

9. Creating sustainably, with resale platform founder Hailea Crichton (Manchester).

10. How to nail personalization online, with vegan ice cream maker Sine Ndlela (Johannesburg).

11. Delegating as you grow, with auto insurance disruptor John Henry (Austin).

12. Bouncing back after a cyber attack, with printmaker Meg Fatharly (London).

13. Sticking to your mission, with chef Hunter Zuli (New York City).

14. Finding what your customers want, with skincare expert Diipa Büller-Khosla (Amsterdam).

15. Setting small goals, with chef Nik Sharma (Los Angeles).

16. Learning how to export, with food brand founder Chanchala Gunewardena (Colombo).

17. Running a family business, with restaurant owner Daavi Vincentia (Accra).

18. The art of surprise, with gelato chain founder Lisa Valmorbida (Melbourne).

19. Finding the right workspace, with baker Lindsey Gazel (Toronto).

20. Managing remote staff, with magazine owner Annabelle Hickson (New South Wales).

21. Getting factories on board, with apparel designer Nikolaj Hansson (Copenhagen).

22. Dealing with IP law, with haircare expert Ama Amo-Agyei (London).

23. Creating an inclusive company, with creative Nora Nord (London).

24. Being vertically integrated, with perfumer Julian Bedel (Buenos Aires).

25. Communicating sustainability, with denim brand owner Alberto Candiani (Milan).

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