The benefits of being bored

Zoe Mallett, life and brand coach, shares the importance of introducing moments of stillness into your routine and explains how it can spark creativity.
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There's a benefit to being bored. This is something that life coach Zoe Mallett is proud to preach and is a core part of how she helps creatives connect with themselves on a deeper level. In her workshops with brands, individuals and businesses, she teaches how to integrate the beauty of boredom into our daily lives.

Boredom is important for creatives

‘[Boredom] creates an opportunity for the mind to be still and allows for our thoughts to wander freely. When we're rushing around, focusing on projects, immersed in a creative lead and in meetings with expected outcomes, our minds are often busy, somewhat too focused – which doesn't always allow a sense of freedom. You're allowing your mind some breathing time, a time to catch up and refocus on the simple things.’

What are your three tips for building boredom into your creative life?

1. ‘Block out regular time to be bored – an evening, a morning, an afternoon. Try to set up some time where there's little distraction, away from phones, laptops and TVs. Speak to the people around you and explain how you're trying to do nothing for a few hours and you'd prefer not to be distracted.’

2. ‘Let go of any expectations during this time. Don't make any plans, sit somewhere in your home or office (ideally where you can be alone) or go for a walk, but don't think about where you want to walk – just start walking.’

3. ‘See it as part of your wellness regime. Being bored can also offer time to reflect inwards, which can improve how you interact with others. Improving personal skills is needed when working collaboratively with others.’

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