The toolbox: tech platforms to keep on your radar

In a new regular feature, technology enthusiast Jack Cohen gives us the lowdown on three online tools that could make a big difference to the way you work.
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Feedback boards your users will love

‘Customer feedback is one of the most important inputs to a great product, but how you gather it can be tricky. Nolt provides a centralized hub where you can direct your users, who can suggest new features, vote on great ideas, watch as their ideas are integrated into your road map and more. It's a great product for an early-stage startup on a budget.’


• ‘It's an easy way to make your users, or even your employees, feel more involved in the company's future.’

• ‘It's quick to customize to fit your branding and has a robust support library to help you self-serve any challenges you have when using it.’  


• ‘One area in which Nolt is lacking is allowing dedicated A/B testing [comparing two versions of a digital element] to isolate feedback within specific groups of customers.’


• $25 per board per month. 


Activate your community

‘Engaging your community has never been more important than it is today, and one of the best ways to activate it is by hosting great events. Enter Luma – an all-in-one, beautifully designed community command center, from which you can schedule events, send newsletters and much more. With its free tier, you can unlock the majority of its most impactful features.’


• ‘It can act as a type of water cooler, where your community's members can chat between events and explore knowledge-library content, all while providing you with advanced analytics and a deeper understanding of your audience.’


• ‘For companies looking for broader reach for their events and communities, Luma hasn't yet cemented itself as a destination for event discovery in the way that [social-connection site] Meetup has. So don't expect to get the same level of organic event-goers that you would on the older platforms.’


Free, but there's a Luma Plus tier ($39 per month, annual rate; $49 per month, monthly rate), which enables you to expand your events or send newsletters to more recipients. 


The modern way to build for the web

‘There's no shortage of website-building tools, but my pick for unsung hero in this space is Webflow. It's the Photoshop of website-design platforms: a product that's as powerful as you care to make it. The more you dive in, the more functionality it presents. However, with its rich template library, you can also keep things simple and still produce beautiful results.’ 


• ‘As a no-code tool, it's great for teams that want to have the ability to customize and fine-tune their site.’

• ‘It plays well with other tech sites, such as [app-integration tool] Zapier and [cloud collaboration service] Airtable.’ 

• ‘You'd be hard-pressed to find a digital product with a better learning hub than Webflow University, which is filled with very straightforward tutorials and videos, so you never feel lost when you're using it.’


• ‘Webflow can occasionally be overwhelming if you have no experience in design, or desire to dive a bit deeper into the details.’ 


• Site plans start at $12 per month, annual rate; online sales plans start at $29 per month, annual rate. 

This article was first published in Courier issue 44, December 2021/January 2022. To purchase the issue or become a subscriber, head to our webshop.

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