Courier magazine issue 12
Courier magazine issue 12

In this issue:

  • Creating a beautiful blueprint with designer Tom Dixon

  • How a cycling startup is lighting the way for TFL

  • Will London agencies have to work harder to retain their design talent?

  • A deep dive into Brexit’s impact on startups

  • Why Berlin is becoming the smart choice for new startups

  • Keeping it in the family: How to pass a business on to the next generation

...and more.

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Good design is essential when trying to build a product or launch a brand. We’ve produced our first ever issue dedicated to the art of making things beautiful, with insight from the new breed of furniture designers and leading light, Tom Dixon.

In this issue we immerse ourselves in the world of design. We profile the new breed of UK furniture designers attempting to change the way we interact with the objects around us. From small workshops in London and beyond, a quiet revolution has been taking place in everything from sofas to ceramics. We chat to the young makers creating new forms and finding new ways to sell. 

Our profile section meets Tom Dixon, the poster boy for British furniture design. We hear from the man himself on his rise from bass player in a funk band to global design guru. We chat about his anti-establishment mindset and attempt to find the sweet spot between form, function, and commercial demand. 

We explore the shifting dynamics of European business with articles on why Berlin is becoming the smart choice for new startups, the possible permutations of Brexit, and the creative agencies in London struggling to retain their design talent. 

Aside from our usual round up of culture, fashion, and investment, you’ll find a wholesome article on the tricky business of passing a company through the generations.