Courier magazine issue 33
Courier magazine issue 33

February/March 2020


In this issue:

  • Get stuff done on your own terms with Courier’s ‘Work Better + Live Smarter’ issue

  • The year in focus: 20 observations and opportunities for 2020

  • The inside track on how to do business in China

  • Mind your manners: Meeting a global etiquette queen

  • Exploring the indie shops shaking up Paris

  • Headphones in! Audio porn heats up

...and more.

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This issue is focused on bringing you inspiration and practical advice on how to build the sort of life you want to live in 2020. The issue includes an in-depth feature on trends, brands, ideas, products and people that Courier thinks you should have on your radar.

How many times have you heard someone confess that what they really want to do is quit the corporate rat race and start their own business? At Courier, it’s one of the most exciting things we could ever hear. But of course, we know it isn’t easy, which is why we have taken this issue to really dig into how you can carve out your own path this coming year, and set yourself up in the best way possible.

 To help our readers get started, we have changed our Workshop section into a full guide on starting and growing a new business, which we’ve packed with tips on everything from investment to building a good team around you, to case studies of people who have actually quit their day jobs and launched something of their own.

 We also meet the California-based couple behind Joshua Tree, an olive oil brand who are tending to their groves in the high desert, visit a fresh fish and chip shop in Chengdu, China and a sustainable chopstick company based in Japan. As always, we check in to a number of hotels including a stop over in Venice, Provence, Edinburgh and Miami, and look at a big retail district in Paris which is undergoing a huge transformation.