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Anisa Sloan

Web and app developer Anisa Sloan is based in Philadelphia. ‘I’m just thinking about the Post-It notes that I have in my bathroom at the moment,’ she says, ‘and the three things that have been keeping me rooted and grounded in my path and what I’m meant to do: You’re meant to be here; You’re on the right path; Don’t doubt your talent.’

Souvinear founder Anisa says that ‘music has been one of my most primary sources of comfort and joy’ and is banking on that passion to build a proximity-based music sharing app to strengthen human connection during live concert experiences. ‘You know those moments where the crowd is just doing something in unison,’ Anisa says, ‘and you feel these connections with people you don’t really know? It shows the power of music and the potential for technology to take that to the next level.’ The Souvinear app also helps artists and venues gain insights into their audiences.

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Illustration of Anisa Sloan