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Illustration of Jaynika McGregor

Graceful Graves

Jaynika McGregor

‘With lots of commitments such as work, university and families, plus mobility issues as the older generation gets older – along with the lack of general knowledge when it comes to cleaning and maintaining graves – I thought that I could provide a service to help keep loved ones’ final resting place nice and neat with manners and respect,’ explains Graceful Graves founder Jaynika McGregor.

‘My family has suffered a lot of loss over the years and I always found myself down at the cemetery making sure the graves look nice and neat for my visit,’ says Jaynika. After losing her father, Jaynika found herself going to the cemetery every single week. ‘It brought me peace and happiness and it made me realise that there was a gap in the market for someone who was professional and reliable who can clean graves at any time of the year,’ she says. The solution, she says, was Graceful Graves, her grave-cleaning and maintenance service, which she launched in June 2020

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Kent, UK
Illustration of Jaynika McGregor