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Illustration of Kamilah Hale
Illustration of Kamilah Hale


Kamilah Hale

Wordier wants to revolutionize how we teach kids words, but wants to make sure that they ‘have fun whilst doing it’, says founder Kamilah Hale. ‘We have pioneered the idea of live vocabulary classes and our colorful printed materials give children a welcome alternative to the stodgy and tedious resources they're used to,’ she says. Through online classes, books and games, Wordier hopes to transform the English skills of children aged between eight and 11, and Kamilah hopes to use Fresh Fund proceeds to drive marketing efforts and customer acquisition. ‘I've created a considerable resource bank now and have seen how much parents and children love the Wordier approach. I now want to introduce that range to hundreds, and eventually thousands, more customers,’ she says.

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