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Illustration of Kendall Finlay


Kendall Finlay

A first-generation American born and raised in Miami, Kendall Finlay says mental health wasn’t discussed in his household growing up. After moving from a diverse low-income school to a mainly white private school, he struggled to fit in. ‘I didn’t go to therapy because it wasn’t accessible and was taboo. Instead, I pushed my wellness off for another day. I needed Ohm and know others can use a product like Ohm now.’

Ohm is a digital wellness company that centralises mental health resources and curates personalised wellness experiences for its users. ‘Many people today are struggling with mental health, says Kendall, who recalls the stress brought on when looking for resources to address his own health. ‘I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know what was legitimate,’ he says. ‘And to make matters worse, all the resources were scattered behind various platforms and paywalls. I was lost. That’s how I came up with the idea for Ohm. It’s a platform that’s finally making wellness easy, organised and affordable, all in a single place.’

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Illustration of Kendall Finlay