Courier magazine issue 1
Courier magazine issue 1

In this issue:

  • Introducing Courier – the magazine about startups

  • Roast the competition with our guide to starting a coffee shop

  • Courier breaks down the numbers behind the Olympic site

  • The indie brands sniffing out opportunity in the fragrance industry 

  • The football game hoping to kick-start social gaming

  • Courier puts Stockholm’s startups in the spotlight

...and more.

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Welcome to Courier, the new magazine for those who want to live and work on their terms. In our debut issue we profile some of the most successful new founders and immerse ourselves in the culture of businesses that break the rules.

This is our first ever edition of Courier and we’re excited that it is finally out there. Inside, you’ll find profiles of some of the best new startups in the UK and around the world. 

Our experts give you the lowdown on starting your own coffee shop, using tips and tricks from the best cafes around. We also profile the indie fragrance brands taking on the old guard and look at the key differences between old and new models of business.

You’ll find our guide to one of Europe’s most interesting new startup enclaves in Stockholm, as well as a round up of the essential new trends in fashion, food, and travel.

Whether you already have a business or just have a desire to do something a little different with your life, we’d encourage you to dive in, check out some of our recommendations, and become part of the Courier community. Your next business idea could be just a few page turns away.