Courier magazine issue 2
Courier magazine issue 2

In this issue:

  • The innovators remixing the music industry

  • Changing tastes with ad-makers AKQA and Made by Many

  • Diving into the technology behind smart swimming trackers

  • Witness the hipness as we explore Bushwick, Brooklyn

  • Urban farming on the streets of London 

  • How to design a cardboard cycle helmet with Kranium

...and more.

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This issue is all about disruption – shaking things up and challenging the order of things. 

We take inspiration from the young musicians and label founders, such as cover star Rejjie Snow, who are rewriting the rules of the music industry. Where bigger used to mean better, we look at how smaller two- and three-person set-ups are reaching new audiences. 

For our profile section, we sit down with ad makers James Hilton (AKQA) and Tim Malbon (MadeByMany) to talk changing tastes in the digital sphere. We hear the pair’s thoughts on startup culture and quiz them on the future of digital advertising. 

In a longer read, we look at the trend for designers cashing out of their fashion enterprises and how the ensuing chaos can create space for growth.

You’ll find our usual round up of the most innovative designers and ground-breaking ideas, from cardboard cycle helmets to smart swimming trackers. For the business founder, we’ve included a revue of recent investment trends, so you can track down your next big cash injection. 

If that’s not enough we’ll take you on a whistle-stop tour of the must-visit businesses in Bushwick, Brooklyn’s coolest new neighbourhood.

Courier’s second issue looks at the designers, writers, and founders disrupting the status quo. You’ll find interviews with restaurant gurus, case studies on the changing face of the music industry and a guide to Brooklyn’s coolest new neighbourhood.