Courier magazine issue 3
Courier magazine issue 3

In this issue:

  • The beta testing model propelling London’s ambitious food startups

  • Peddling their wears: Brick Lane Bikes and H&M on their unexpected collaboration 

  • Exploring a mini business empire in a Taipei neighbourhood

  • London or Tel Aviv? Finding the best cities for your startup

  • The UK firms fuelling innovation in the car industry

  • A festive selection of objects from Eva Coppens at Førest

...and more.

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Courier celebrates our first year in print with our biggest issue yet. We look at the beta testing model shaking up the indie food industry, learn the art of brand collaboration, and round up the best global locations for your new startup.

This edition of Courier takes a deep dive into London’s indie food scene. We look at how new food brands are using market stalls as a form of beta testing, enabling them to position their new products accurately in a congested industry. We take lessons from the brands that have succeeded and even give you our own ten-step recipe for founding a great food business. 

Elsewhere in the issue, Brick Lane Bikes take us through their unexpected collaboration with H&M. We look at the benefits and pitfalls of pairing big and small businesses and how to make sure everyone comes out the other end smiling! 

Some people say location is everything. Positioning your startup in a city or country with expertise, investment and excitement can be a great way to kick-start your businesses. We’ve rounded up the best cities for new startups, from London and Paris to New York and Tel Aviv. Continuing the international theme, we also find time to sample the delights of a boutique food empire in Taipei.

As ever, we’ve got an overview of the coolest new innovations in product design and all the financial trends you need to know about.