Courier magazine issue 5
Courier magazine issue 5

In this issue:

  • Painting profits: how the street art subculture turned into a multi-million-pound industry

  • Buy. Send. Repeat. The psychology behind subscription services

  • Meet the modern-day Wombles, making profits out of waste

  • The divine madness of launching an airline

  • House rules of the home office 

  • Rescue remedies for how to save a business from the brink

...and more.

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Courier charts the rise and rise of street art, from subculture to a multi-million pound industry. We also take a look at the psychology of subscription services and serve up our usual dossier on the design, tech, and finance trends.

Our lead story follows the rise of street art. What was once seen as an eyesore and a menace to society has become the defining art trend of the 21st century. Last year the so-called ‘Banksy effect’ helped street art sales top £250m in the UK. We take a look at who is capitalising on the movement and seek out the key takeaways for art startups. 

Anyone who has listened to the ad break in a podcast has heard of the subscription model. Most of us probably even have two or three direct debits leaving our account each month. You might even have a subscription to this very magazine (a good choice). But why has the model become so popular among startups? We analyse the psychological factors and business benefits.

Elsewhere you’ll find fascinating case studies of businesses building their products out of waste, ideas for how to spruce up your home office, and some emergency advice for businesses on the brink.