Courier magazine issue 6
Courier magazine issue 6

In this issue:

  • In the mix with the cold-pressed juice pioneers

  • Swiping away the mysteries of iPhone gaming

  • Liquid lessons from the best drinks startups

  • Maison Kitsuné: Breaking the rules of music and fashion

  • Party in Prague: Lights versus music at Lunchmeat Festival

  • Allpress bring their state-of-the-art coffee roasting to east London

...and more.

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Cold-press juice companies take the lead in this issue. We chart the unexpected rise of the juice kings, along with features on musical fashion house Maison Kitsuné, Prague’s Lunchmeat Festival and the new wave of iPhone gaming.

In this issue of Courier we delve into the biggest drinks craze for years, cold-pressed juice. We hear the predictions from founders in the industry – ‘as big as coffee’ one proclaims – and see how drinks conglomerates like Coca-Cola are already reaching out their investment tentacles. 

Courier releases its inner geek as we look at the indie iPhone games jostling for position on the app store. Can London-based coding studios adapt to the ever-changing hardware and find the successor to the ‘freemium’ model?

Elsewhere we have a feature on the uber cool fashion and music house, Maison Kitsuné, and a trip to the dazzling Lunchmeat Festival in Prague, where light installations share equal billing with the music.

We’ve also documented some testimonies from the eponymous founders faced with the Kafkaesque prospect of reclaiming their own name from the companies they started. It might make you think twice before naming your company after yourself!