Courier magazine issue 7
Courier magazine issue 7

In this issue:

  • Meet the budding businesses at the heart of the cannabis boom

  • Reinventing the sandwich: Inside the Pret product development machine

  • Supreme consumers: streetwear’s obsessive fan base

  • Independent cinemas taking on the titans

  • Impermanent and incomplete: Selling the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi

  • The man forging a new pub chain from London’s dying boozers

...and more.

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Courier profiles the weed industry as legal cannabis becomes one of the biggest new consumer products for decades. We also take a look at the Pret development machine reinventing the sandwich, and try to understand the mania surrounding streetwear brand, Supreme.

As the legalisation and medicalisation of cannabis spreads like wildfire around the world, Courier looks at the potential scale of this new market. We meet some of the key founders who are already cashing in on the ultimate money crop. Could now be the time for your startup to jump on the bandwagon?

Courier also gets to know the people tasked with reinventing the sandwich. The Pret product development team is a well-oiled machine, finding inventive ways to turn avocados into cold hard profit.

As far as brand fanboys go, you won’t find many more obsessive than the followers of streetwear brand Supreme. We look at the marketing techniques behind the mania and shine a light on the grey market traders hawking the latest ‘drops’ on Facebook.

As usual, on the other pages you’ll find masses of useful information on investments, culture and new venues, including a man forging a pub chain from London’s dying boozers.