Courier magazine issue 8
Courier magazine issue 8

In this issue:

  • How Street Feast and Secret Cinema made going out the new staying in

  • Startups jostling for top position as London’s property rents spiral

  • Defenders of Athens: the Greeks staying despite the crisis

  • Courier gets a grip on the UK climbing scene

  • How do you fight an army of Chinese clones? The risk of hardware counterfeiting 

  • The burger startups preparing to supersize

...and more.

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In this issue Courier hears how the founders of Secret Cinema and Street Feast made going out cool again. Other topics include the businesses weathering the crisis in Greece and the spiralling rents making the startup scene in London a dog-eat-dog world.

Cast your mind back ten years ago. Imagine your big night out involves cosplaying characters from the film Alien and heading to a destination restaurant that’s actually a shipping container. Strange, right? Yet, as Courier finds out, the founders of Street Feast and Secret Cinema have begun to dominate the live events market. Our cover feature explains how they did it, why you love it, and what they’re doing to protect our cultural spaces.

How can you protect your company from the attack of the clones? Hardware counterfeiting is a very real threat for many small companies. What do you do when a cease and desist letter doesn’t work and you haven’t got the money for large-scale legal battles? Courier looks at the options.

Elsewhere, we take a trip to Athens to meet the innovators riding out the economic doldrums. We find out whether they are clinging on to a sinking ship or planting green shoots of recovery in the ancient city.

Flick through the other pages and you’ll see Courier getting to grips with the growing UK climbing scene. We’ve even thrown in some delicious recipes to rebuild your muscles after a hard day at the rockface.