Courier magazine issue 9
Courier magazine issue 9

In this issue:

  • Can Deliveroo keep the wheels turning despite its rapid growth?

  • Reimagining the British music festival circuit 

  • The magic beans transforming the notoriously violent Colombian city of Medellin

  • Down-turn: What a sleeping bag company does when avian flu hits feather stocks

  • Boutique bulbs: We look at Tala’s LED energy-saving lightbulbs

  • The future will be on demand – are you ready?

...and more.

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Courier takes a look at the rise of Deliveroo and asks what it takes for startups to sustain exponential growth. We also check out the rebirth of the British festival circuit, and ponder the wider implications of an ‘on-demand’ future.

Deliveroo has grown at a speed that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. What started as a handful of mopeds whizzing restaurant meals around west London has become one of the key players in the on-demand boom. In our cover feature, we look at what it takes to sustain such rapid growth and ask what the future holds for on-demand services.

We delve into the rebirth of British music festivals. The sector entered a slump in recent years after the boom times of the mid-noughties. Ticket prices rose beyond the reach of the casual consumer, acts demanded bigger and bigger pay packets, and the market became congested with overlapping festivals. We get the lowdown on how the scene is innovating its way back to the top of the events industry.

We investigate how coffee export is transforming the former ganglands of Medellin in Colombia. With the industry expanding and more boutique producers popping up daily, we see how there’s still some magic left in the humble coffee bean. 

In addition to all of that, we’ll have our usual round up of the best fashion, tech, and culture in the UK and beyond. Whether you’re looking for designer LED light bulbs or bespoke cufflinks, we’ll profile the new businesses you need to know about.