Courier magazine issue 11
Courier magazine issue 11

In this issue:

  • The rave crusaders trying to save London’s nightlife

  • Getting minted: The making of Brixton‘s local currency

  • Healthy takeaway businesses taking out the junk

  • Courier surfs the startup scene in Cornwall

  • Getting to know Boiler Room founder, Blaise Bellville

  • A spotlight on Aarhus, Denmark’s second city

...and more.

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London rents are spiralling and nightclubs are taking the hit. In this issue of Courier, we look at the promoters trying to save London’s nightlife, the making of a local currency in Brixton, and check out Denmark’s second city, Aarhus.

Are the days of the big night out behind us? As nightclubs feel the squeeze of tighter regulations and spiralling rents, Courier meets the army of promoters and venues trying to reinvigorate London’s nightlife. Lateral thinking and creative economics come together in our in-depth cover story.

Later in the edition we profile the new currency designed to promote local spending in Brixton. Taking inspiration from the ‘protest currencies’ popping up around the world, we look at the value of hyper-local spending to businesses and consumers. 

If you’re sick and tired of ordering junk food, you’ll want to read our feature on the new breed of healthy takeaway, designed to give you the ultimate guilt-free night in. We’ll also get some fresh air with a tour of the startup scene in Cornwall, and check out how new businesses are thriving outside of the capital. 

For our international feature we hop over the North Sea to Aarhus in Denmark. We investigate the startup scene and profile some of the coolest new hangouts.