Courier magazine issue 14
Courier magazine issue 14

In this issue:

  • Startups to the rescue: can small businesses save the NHS?

  • Getting to know Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

  • Focussing in on the best eyewear startups

  • A bit on the side: meeting the part time hustlers of TaskRabbit and Etsy

  • The art of piggybacking on a bigger brand

  • Saving seconds with Spitalfields Market’s speedy servers

...and more.

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Courier looks at the struggles faced by the NHS and meets the medtech businesses that might come to the rescue. We’ll also be putting eyewear startups in focus and sitting down with Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe.

The NHS is the UK’s biggest employer and has one of the largest standalone budgets of any single entity in the world. Yet a squeeze on public funding, a nationwide skills shortage and an ageing population is pushing it to the brink. Could now be the time that startups come to the rescue and take a slice of that massive budget in return? We look at medtech and the future of public health in the UK.

Courier also gets to know Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe and quiz her on what’s next for app-based dating. Will the rise of the apps continue or will people eventually return to the face-to-face approach when looking for love?

We meet people looking for a bit on the side in a very different sense, as we hear from the part-time hustlers making a killing on TaskRabbit and Etsy. 

On the other pages we put eyewear in focus and discuss the advantages of startups piggybacking on bigger brands. There’s all this and plenty more tips that could take your startup to the next level.