Courier magazine issue 19
Courier magazine issue 19

In this issue:

  • Show not sell: Inside the shop of the future

  • The artists using Instagram to collaborate with big brands

  • St John’s: The kitchen churning out London’s restaurant founders

  • Building the Soho House empire with Nick Jones

  • Havana good time with the new breed of Cuban businesses

  • Getting to know Liv Little, founder of Gal-Dem

...and more.

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Courier takes a look at the future of retail and the brands turning shops inside out. We also sit down with Liv Little, founder of Gal-Dem and get the inside story on the Soho House empire.

Imagine a shop that doesn’t hold any stock. Courier looks at the innovative ways brands are reimagining their retail outlets. What started in the Apple store has become a global race to find the most inventive uses of retail space. 

Courier stops for dinner at St John’s, the restaurant churning out an astonishing amount of London’s food founders. We look at what makes the kitchen such a great incubator for culinary talent. 

Later, we get some insight from key founders, with a profile on Nick Jones, the man behind the Soho House empire and an interview with Liv Little, creator of Gal-Dem magazine.

Cuba is (kind of) open for business! We head to Havana to meet the small businesses gaining momentum as the country begins to ease controls on free enterprise.