Courier magazine issue 20
Courier magazine issue 20

In this issue:

  • 2018: Who’s shaping the year ahead?

  • Lessons from the founders of a Senegalese minibus empire 

  • Inside the bedroom operation of a phone fixer

  • Getting to know Citymapper’s founder and CEO Azmat Yusuf

  • Why doing good is so high on investors’ tick lists

  • Building bikes in Buenos Aires and surfboards in Biarritz

...and more.

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In our twentieth issue, we give you the complete run down of the people, businesses and trends to look out for in 2018.

This issue looks ahead as we enter 2018. We tell you about who’s hot, where to base your next business, and the game-changing tech that will shape the coming year.

You might think that a Senegalese minibus company isn’t the first place to look for startup inspiration. Yet as our international feature proves, a lot can be learnt from the challenges of launching a successful transport company in a chaotic and volatile market. 

If you need proof that a business can be based anywhere, we take a fascinating peek inside the bedroom of a high-end phone fixer, who takes on the repair jobs that high street stores can’t handle. 

Other features include a one-to-one with Citymapper founder Azmat Yusuf, the investors looking to do good with their dollar, and a profile of bike and surfboard builders in Biarritz and Buenos Aires.