Courier magazine issue 23
Courier magazine issue 23

In this issue:

  • Highsnobiety jumps on board the direct-to-consumer revolution

  • The restaurants thinking their way out of the downturn

  • Big ink: Can tattoo studios scale?

  • Courier meets Impossible Foods’ Sasha Markova

  • Co-living trends in 2018: the good, the bad, the ugly

  • Accessorise like a boss: the best trainers, bags, and totes

...and more.

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Courier looks at how streetwear blog Highsnobiety is joining the direct-to-consumer movement. We also explore whether tattoo studios can scale, and meet Impossible Foods’ Sasha Markova.

Our lead story follows the rise of Highsnobiety as the company converts its dedicated online audience into dedicated customers. The streetwear and lifestyle blog has launched a direct-to-consumer model which is revolutionising the brand. Courier finds out what lessons the brand can teach ambitious new startups. 

Tattoo parlours are great income generators, yet are normally run as small one-shop operations. We look at the studios attempting to evolve into lifestyle brands.

There’s been a downturn across the restaurant sector in recent months. We check in with the agile operations finding new ways to beat the dip.

In our profile section we meet Sasha Markova, the former ad exec who’s now leading the plant-based meat industry with Impossible Foods. We find out more about the company’s mission and Markova’s unique ability to pivot her career. 

Finally, we’ve rounded up the best products to help you dominate the accessory game, from trainers to totes.