Courier magazine issue 25
Courier magazine issue 25

In this issue:

  • Growing an industry: inside the emerging cannabis economy

  • Sitting comfortably with Vitsœ’s furniture guru Mark Adams

  • Bulking up: How home fitness got big

  • Signalling the future of railway arch retailers

  • Courier catches up with San Francisco’s food malcontent, Chris Ying

  • Check in with the lifestyle brands building hotels

...and more.

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In this issue Courier looks at how a wave of legalisation around the world is fuelling a legal cannabis boom. We also visit the hotels built by lifestyle brands, meet furniture guru Mark Adams, and monitor growth in the home fitness sector.

Attitudes to cannabis appear to be changing rapidly in many parts of the world, including major markets like the US and Europe. The medical benefits are gaining increasing scientific traction and sophisticated new products are helping reach unexpected demographics. Our cover feature looks at the businesses hoping to capitalise on the ultimate money crop.

Courier sits down with furniture guru Mark Adams, who’s leadership of Vitsœ in the UK is bringing the creative vision of Dieter Rams to British buyers. We discuss the difficult marriage of form and function and ask what the future holds for the high-end design market.

Elsewhere we measure the serious gains being delivered by the home fitness industry. The market has come a long way from the VHS aerobics videos of yesteryear, and now boasts a whole host of brands and influencers attracting major investment.

There’s also a profile of San Francisco’s disruptive food pioneer Chris Ying, and all of our usual updates on deals, opportunities and trends in the startup sector.