Courier magazine issue 26
Courier magazine issue 26

In this issue:

  • 26 trends, companies, and people to keep on your radar for 2019

  • Exploring the eastern promise of Tbilisi’s hotel scene

  • Charting the rise of LA’s street food vendors

  • What happens when you get ghosted by investors?

  • Inside music startup Dice’s company culture

  • Win the gifting war with our fifteen-page holiday gift guide

...and more.

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Our latest issue gives you a run down of all the companies and trends to keep your eye on in the year ahead. We profile LA’s street food scene, explore Dice’s company culture, and share our holiday gift guide.

Courier has been putting in the leg work so you don’t have to. We’ve got a rundown of 26 predictions on trends, companies, and people to watch in 2019. We check out the booming luggage brand Away and quiz co-founder Jen Rubio on the year ahead. Don’t miss this and 25 other crucial tips to keep on your radar.

Tbilisi is still seen as an unconventional destination, by everyone apart from hardcore socks-with-sandals style travellers. We check out the Georgian capital’s burgeoning hotel scene, which might tempt you to think outside the box for you next holiday.

It’s the worst nightmare for a lot of startups. In another fascinating feature, we find out what happens when you get ghosted by an investor, and the steps you can take to save your business.

Culture and values are becoming a hot topic as startups across the world evolve into large-scale corporate operations. We take an inside look at how music startup Dice is trying to protect and nurture a forward-thinking company ethos. 

You’ll also find a carefully curated 15-page holiday gift guide so you can definitely win Christmas this year.