Courier magazine issue 28
Courier magazine issue 28

In this issue:

  • Ghetto Gastro: The epicentre of the New York food scene

  • Lifting the lid on the fascinating economics of food halls 

  • Earning more than a crust: The big business of bread

  • Noodle kings and sock tycoons – profiles and advice from key founders

  • Shining a light on mental health in the startup industry

  • Gen Z incoming! Understanding their trends and spending habits

...and more.

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Our first ever issue dedicated to the business of food. We map the industry with case studies and number breakdowns, from booming bread to fully funded food halls.

For the first time ever, Courier is devoting an entire issue to the food industry. We run down the key trends and businesses disrupting the gastronomic status quo.

We head to New York to meet Ghetto Gastro, the four chefs playing with the concept of street food in the Bronx. The team is not afraid to stretch the boundaries of what street food means, building a vibrant culture of fashion, art, and politics around their plant-based dishes. Courier sees why Microsoft, Spotify, and even Cardi B are jumping on board with the boys’ seemingly unstoppable movement. 

It’s clear to even the casual observer that the business of bread has been rising for some time. The insatiable millennial desire for inventive artisan loaves has helped local bakeries grow into fully fledged brands. We look at how they’ve done it and if the bread empires might start to crumble.

Finally, we look ahead to the next wave of consumers, Gen Z. We explore the businesses they are starting and break down the latest trends and spending habits.