Courier magazine issue 29
Courier magazine issue 29

In this issue:

  • The New Money: Courier meets the next generation of entrepreneurs

  • Trippin: the new travel platform inspired by music and fashion 

  • How one woman turned a YouTube channel into a brand after some awkward moments in a chicken shop

  • Courier’s complete step-by-step guide to marketing

  • TikTok and Twitch: How young users are cashing in

  • How to make serious gains in the broken fitness industry   

...and more.

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This issue is all about the next generation of entrepreneurs set to shake up business around the globe. We look at the rise of Gen Z, and how fresh thinking is taking them far in the startup world.

Gen Z have been threatening to disrupt the business world for some time. They’re the first generation to be raised with ubiquitous internet and have a unique understanding of how tech can influence culture. We meet the young founders breathing new life into the world of startups. 

Elsewhere, we take some advice from the content creators using TikTok and Twitch to cash in, while the rest of us are still stuck in the world of Instagram and Facebook.

Does travel booking have to be so boring? We get to know our cover stars, the people behind Trippin, a brand new platform fusing travel with music and fashion.

Courier also charts how one woman turned a YouTube channel into a media brand by filming her awkward ‘dates’ in a chicken shop. We profile Amelia Dimoldenberg, the creator and CEO of Chicken Shop Date, on what’s next for her truly unconventional enterprise.

If you’re struggling with getting your brand out there and don’t have the cash to bring in an agency, you can check out Courier’s complete guide to marketing, included in this issue. We’ve produced an easy step-by-step template to help you promote like a pro.