Courier magazine issue 30
Courier magazine issue 30

In this issue:

  • Our annual design issue brings you the greatest craft and design from around the world 

  • Discovering the secrets of indie indigo with legendary Japanese outfitters, Buaisou

  • Slick ceramics from North Carolina’s East Fork and sharp design from Harry’s razors.

  • Courier meets British design genius Yinka Ilori

  • Taking down ‘planned obsolescence’: The businesses championing the right to repair

  • Our 32-page guide on how to redesign and reinvigorate your workplace

...and more.

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In this annual design issue, Courier focuses on all things creative. We look at the role creativity has played across fashion brands, lifestyle trends and even in business lockdown strategies.

Inside we catch up with British-Nigerian fashion designer Tolu Coker at her home in London. Although Coker has dressed mega stars such as Rihanna and Rita Ora, she still finds inspiration in her own community, including running classes for her local garden project. We find out how her home life influences her work, and also the importance of making a brand sustainable.

 We also talk to British designer Yinka Ilori, specialising in storytelling through his British and Nigerian roots. From up-cycling vintage furniture all the way to the fully fledged studio he runs today, we find out how his west African influences play a part in his colourful and contemporary designs.

 But what about creativity in the age of lockdown? It seems that there has never been a more important time to get creative in order to thrive. Find out what businesses around the world have been up to, including an LA liquor store that has turned its hand to fruit ‘n’ veg. You can also check out our guide on how to reinvigorate and redesign your work space as we all get used to a slightly different way of working.