Courier magazine issue 32
Courier magazine issue 32

In this issue:

  • Courier’s special briefing on the trendsetters leading the startup fashion industry

  • Legendary designer Katharine Hamnett on comebacks, Kanye, and eco fashion

  • Stranded – what happens when an investor pulls out?

  • Hitting the right notes in a Tokyo karaoke hotel

  • Courier visits an upstart knifemaker in sunny Barcelona

  • Eleven books for wannabe cooks

...and more.

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Courier looks to the future of fashion and retail in this issue, from the overhaul of fast fashion to more sustainable models. We also look at how one female leader is revolutionising a company’s culture and bring you advice on how to lead an ideas session.

Fashion and retail are changing, and fast. In this issue we bring you in-depth articles covering huge trends in the fashion industry, including upcycling, the circular model and carbon offsetting.

We meet Donna Carpenter – the owner, founder and former CEO of snowboarding company Burton – who is credited with launching the modern snowboard as well as turning a largely unknown hobby into a major mainstream sport. Our conversation centres on transforming a company culture, which with offices in over six countries and over 1,000 employees, is certainly no mean feat. 

On the other end of the scale, we look at how to create environmental change as a small company.

In The Breakdown, we take a look at the Attribution Model, and cover the top-five things you need to know when an investor pulls out. We visit a Barcelona kitchen knife store that was founded in Tel Aviv, and talk to ground-breaking seafood chef Josh Niland on his best-selling cookbook The Whole Fish.

We also hold a Q&A with author and marketeer (formerly of American Apparel) Ryan Holiday, on his latest book Stillness Is The Key.