Courier magazine issue 34
Courier magazine issue 34

April/May 2020


In this issue:

  • A special edition on the latest trends, brands, people and opportunities in the world of food and drink

  • Uncovering the not-so-spooky business model of ghost kitchens

  • Seismic change and startups: Dealing with geopolitical shifts

  • Getting to know Australia’s croissant queen

  • Grapes of wrath: A look at a renegade urban winery

  • Courier takes an eating tour of Tel Aviv  

...and more.

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This appetising issue has been given over to the food and drink sector, with a mouth-watering selection of essays, articles and interviews, including a closer look at the emerging ‘ghost kitchen’ trend.

In this issue we look at how the rising trend of ‘ghost kitchens’ has spurred innovation in the restaurant industry. In essence, a ghost kitchen is a restaurant kitchen without the on-site dining experience – which allows newcomers to explore a low cost option that is quicker to take to market, and gives established venues a low-risk option to explore new areas. But will this contactless customer model continue long after Covid-19?

 We also hear lessons learned from some of the world’s most interesting food media brands, profile a fitness guru with a tasty plant-based mission, find out how to turn supply chain partners into investors and get to grips with the economics of actually running a cafe.

 In Courier Life, we meet the LA couple who are growing a Thai restaurant empire with a dedicated cult following, take a tour of the food-focused neighbourhood in Tel Aviv, and do a round up of the tastiest bites from food stores around the world, from yakitori to pickled seaweed.