Courier magazine issue 35
Courier magazine issue 35

June/July 2020


In this issue:

  • Thinking time: Re-emerge from the global health crisis with confidence, inspiration and a solid plan

  • Learning how to become a resilient (and better) leader

  • From craft breweries to taxi firms, Courier looks at why worker-owned co-ops are on the rise

  • Navigating the new dawn of business opportunities in the post-pandemic world

  • Permanent pivots? The new tactics you may want to hang on to 

  • Unpacking lessons from Mexico’s first zero-waste supermarket 

...and more.

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Inside the New Beginnings Issue, we bring you the stories and tools you need to re-emerge from an ongoing global health crisis. Get inspired, get confident, and get a solid plan.

In this issue, we dive straight into the practical tips on how to become a more resilient (and better leader) as well as how to improve your emotional intelligence, and investigate the business opportunities that are arising in a post-pandemic world. We also look at the short-term pivots that some businesses are making which may become permanent.

We meet Jade Villagomez, who left her job at Procter & Gamble, to open Mexico’s first ever zero-waste supermarket, after attending a talk on zero waste. She talks us through starting small with suppliers, the right way to spread the word and the benefits of bootstrapping as a startup business.

We look at the godfather of sustainability’s top principles to follow, head to the frontline of a chocolate supply chain and visit craft breweries and taxi firms to find out why worker owned co-ops are on the rise.