Courier magazine issue 36
Courier magazine issue 36

August/September 2020


In this issue:

  • Slow fashion and sustainable diamonds: Courier’s annual design issue shows you where to look for your next artistic inspiration

  • British fashion star Tolu Coker takes us through her creative world

  • The barber shops turning to tech to keep their business looking good

  • The benefits of adopting a ‘commitment-to-buy’ model

  • Top tips on how to pitch for work remotely

...and more.

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We have entitled our new and improved annual issue, The Business of Creativity. This year we take a look at how design brands and creative entrepreneurs have built profitable businesses.

At a time when this changing world is keeping us all on our toes, getting creative with our thinking and business practices has become a more common occurrence than ever before. In this issue we look in particular at industries that are inherently creative, from ceramics and furniture to architecture and beyond.

We cover stories of entrepreneurship across diversity, sustainability, health and education, including how a Detroit-based barbershop is cutting down racism and campaigning for social justice in the community. We also visit a zero-waste clothing store in Rome to see how it is taking steps towards more sustainable fashion.

Closer to home, we bring you tips on how to stay creative indoors and look at the future of working out of the office with teamwork, technology and trust at the heart of a successful model.

We also learn about an emerging ‘Grassroots Economy’ and how a growing handful of small businesses are helping to solve some of the world’s big problems.