Courier magazine issue 37
Courier magazine issue 37

October/November 2020


In this issue:

  • Making moves and starting up in a whole new city 

  • The welcome rise of the four-day week

  • A tour around the Covid-friendly office 

  • Keeping up with your carbon footprint 

  • Catching your own biases when they kick in 

  • The tofu economy: Brands, shops, recipes and more 

...and more.

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Our ‘Get Up And Go’ issue has landed and is kicking things into action. Featured are the movers and shakers setting up across the world and starting something new.

In this issue we look into the wanderlust and escapism driving young professionals in 2020. After much thinking time about what a post-pandemic world looks like, and the possibility to work remotely becoming ever more tangible, we take you through a city life guide, name-checking the top 15 places we think entrepreneurs might want to explore a little more. We speak to those on the road who have already been there, done that and bought the novelty t-shirt, including going off-grid in a remote cabin and an interview with Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies. We find out how a trip to Morocco led James to a few years of experimenting with design before launching the brand that was to preserve the art of African shoemaking.

Elsewhere in the issue, we look at the five things you learn when you adopt the ever more popular four-day working week. We also explore a series of case studies on how to scale back a business, look at the 101 on your carbon footprint and take a deep dive into the paid subscription newsletter.  

For the cyclists out there, we spend time looking at how an e-bike is made, get to know what a modern women’s boxing brand looks like, and list our top 100+ small business products to buy.