Courier magazine issue 38
Courier magazine issue 38

December/January 2021


In this issue:

  • 21 questions for 2021

  • Opportunities for small business owners in the next year

  • Our own self-improvement guide for a better you 

  • Exploring the next big trends for home fitness

  • The trick art of navigating communication 

  • How to pick a name for your business

...and more.

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When the going gets tough, it’s time to upgrade. This issue tracks the trends and big questions that are emerging ahead of the New Year, as well as some serious self-improvement tips.

Small business owners are facing a tough time this year. But tough times often bring new opportunities, and a chance for new savvy businesses to break out. In this issue we look at how to give your life and business a boost, with tips on everything from improved productivity to fitness.  

We ask 21 Questions for 2021, covering the topics and trends that small business owners should be looking out for in the New Year. In keeping with the resolutions many of us will no doubt be promising to stick to, we have also created a self-improvement guide including everything from how to be a better manager, hire better, how to manage stress, through to staying creative, productive and (finally!) becoming financially literate. Phew.

As always, we take a trip around the world to hear from people who can help us all start the year off the right way. We explore the biggest lessons around working remotely and how to apply them in the future, investigate the next big trend for home fitness and tackle one head scratcher for entrepreneurs everywhere: how to pick a name for your business.