Courier magazine issue 39
Courier magazine issue 39

February/March 2021


In this issue:

  • Opportunities in the making space

  • The nuts and bolts of building a product

  • Why not start your own toy company?

  • The vending machine economy

  • A deep-dive on the cereal sector

  • The rise of factory-first brands

...and more.

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Our Feb/Mar 2021 issue is chock-full of opportunities, how-to tips and inspiration for rolling up your sleeves and creating a physical product this year.

After a career in fast fashion, Amy Yeung left Los Angeles for New Mexico to return to her roots and launch an upcycling brand that gives back – we meet her at her shop-home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In Long Island’s Rockaway Beach, an oceanside enclave a stone’s throw from New York City, we pop by The Almeda Club, which fuses surfboard shaping with retail. And, in Lima, we visit Rocío and Mariana de Vivanco, who are championing the ancient art form of Peruvian textile design.

In recent years, big cereal brands have lost their snap, crackle and pop – we look at how smaller independent brands are picking up the slack by catering to changing consumer tastes (and how legacy manufacturers are finally responding). Plus, toymakers are booming again as they meet a big rise in demand for games, puzzles and board games – but this time the demand isn’t being fuelled by kids, but by adults.

Even for micro-businesses, how things get made can be shaped by macro trends and geopolitics – we find out how small-scale producers are taking back control, using everything from 3D printing to local manufacturing. Plus, we ditch product-making for pasta-making – we visit Fabbrica, the latest spot in Sydney for fresh pasta, natural wine and delicacies to go (and an idea born in the depths of lockdown).