Courier magazine issue 48
Courier magazine issue 48

August/September 2022


In this issue:

  • The private crypto social club

  • Inside a 3D design studio

  • PDF pattern-sellers

  • Start an online course

  • A Tuscan art retreat

  • Content creator tips & tricks

  • Nostalgia design

  • Virtual fashion

...and more.

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Courier's Aug/Sept 2022 edition is all about making money from your creativity, and is jam-packed with inspiring stories, useful insights, lessons and advice from amazing creative business owners around the world.

There are endless ways to make a living from your creativity. For starters, take the DIY fashion market, where TikTok and lockdowns have fueled a rise in the number of people making their own clothes. We meet the designer-entrepreneurs who are supplying this demand with clever DIY kits and profitable PDF patterns. 

Should small businesses be paying attention to Web3? We go deep on decentralized autonomous organizations (or DAOs), questioning whether they're an opportunity worth chasing, and grilling the founders of one of the most interesting DAOs out there, Friends with Benefits. Elsewhere in Briefings, we turn to the sunglasses market, where small, independent and creative designers are taking on the multinational giants in a sector set to be worth $40 billion by 2024. We find out what they’re doing differently.

Why not turn your expertise into an online course? In Workshop, we meet the fashion photographer running an online learning business, teaching photography and personal finance to thousands of students around the world. Also in this issue's Workshop section: learn how to use Discord to scale your business, find out how to hire freelancers the right way, discover methods for partnering with content creators, and much more.

Plus, take a tour of Hong Kong's creative hub, discover the business that's 3D printing ocean waste in Greece, and check out a new boutique hotel and artist residency in Tuscany, where the next generation of artists are working, networking and learning how to make a successful living from their creativity.