Building the future of personalized nutrition

We're all different, and our unique bodies need different things. But taking time out of our busy lives to invest in healthy meal plans is time-consuming and complex. One landmark business is looking to make that a whole lot easier: Heali. Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, where food and health are a priority, Heali is building a breakthrough new operating system that brings together clinical nutrition data with consumer food tech and brands. By providing direct access to nutritional and dietary recommendations that are fully personalized and expert-led, Heali can help users through therapeutic nutrition support that will cover more than 200 chronic conditions. Heali will launch to the public this year.


Poor nutrition is a trillion-dollar health crisis. Most of us want to make better food decisions, particularly those who have conditions that adversely affect day-to-day life – but where do you start without expert knowledge? While other areas of our lives are now easy to control on our phones, health tech is lagging. Most food-related apps aim to tackle weight loss and aesthetic goals through logging calories or macros, rather than offering personalized advice. People have diverse needs, tastes and lives; offering a one-size-fits-all solution only ends in frustration and disappointment. The way forward is an app that not only takes in data about a person's health and food intake, but also gives something back to the user in a way that's fun, educational and delicious.

Heali is building a breakthrough new operating system that can help users through therapeutic nutrition support.


Heali offers holistic plans and recipes based on the user's conditions (it'll offer support for more than 200 conditions by launch), desired outcomes and the ingredients and nutrients they need. Heali is the world's first clinical-grade medical nutrition therapy app. Using research-backed evidence, Heali creates personalized recipes. It's been proven to work, too: in a randomized clinical trial, the app improved quality of life by 2.6 times. Built by an expert team of nutrition specialists, engineers and former Google, Amazon and Snapchat employees, Heali's set to change how we see food, both for pleasure and for healing – just like they do in LA.

Heali's set to change how we see food, both for pleasure and for healing.


Heali provides new, easy-to-follow recipes for users to try, making therapeutic food not just a healing experience but one that's delicious, too.


The app is built on the expertise of people working in the nutritional and medical fields, so there are no fad diets, only peer-reviewed and published clinical data.


Heali's platform uses optical character recognition and augmented reality to allow users to scan food products and restaurant menus, immediately unlocking relevant information.


Having built a new software infrastructure for nutrition with more than 20 million data points, Heali is attracting significant attention ahead of its launch to the public. Creative ventures firm And Rising invests in positive impact brands that offer something distinctive in their field. Heali is unique in its focus on food as medicine and as a health intervention. It offers personal, realistic solutions to a universal problem, and so And Rising stepped in to help build the foundations that could drive Heali into becoming a global brand. ‘We invest in emerging sectors and tech, and we have a specific interest in the intersection between the future of food, health and tech brands – Heali sits firmly across all three,‘ says Adrienne Little, partner at And Rising. And Rising has a strong background in scaling food and beverage challenger brands, particularly ones that are doing something brand new, so Heali was a perfect fit.

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