Five keys to driving online sales

When it comes to selling your product online, some of the consumer shifts that were well under way pre-Covid-19 have been turbocharged since early 2020. Online sales now play a huge part in the operations of many small businesses and that’s only likely to grow further still. So, what’s the solution? Set up an online store and let those sales roll in?

Well, it’s not quite that simple. Setting up an online store is the easy part – you’ll have noticed there are quite a few out there. However, setting up a site that’s able to bring in the right kinds of customers, encourage them to make a purchase and maximise the revenue potential of your business is a whole different ball game – one that needs serious thought given to it. Luckily, your store is powered by Mailchimp’s marketing platform, which is purpose-built to drive traffic to your online store, build and manage your customer base and, most importantly of all, increase your sales. This cheat sheet for selling online gives you the essential tips you’ll need to get moving – along with guidance on how to use the tools at your disposal to make it happen.


Creating your own store gives you complete control over your customers’ experience – which means you can directly interact with people and encourage sales.

Selling online is increasingly competitive – with so much choice available to consumers, getting intentional about this process is essential.

As important as selling online has become, many businesses can do better at driving sales.

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The growing role of online sales

According to forecasting by market research firm eMarketer, online sales in the US increased by 18% in 2020 compared to 14% in 2019.

And online presence also has a huge impact on in-store traffic with 87% of in-store shoppers looking online before visiting, according to conversion expert Invesp.