Space and solutions to grow your business

Looking to launch a startup or run one already? It’s been a long, tough year for those building businesses. We get it. But fear not – Huckletree has got you covered. With industry-themed hubs and a workspace-on-demand model, Huckletree offers tons of affordable and flexible options for every kind of business – no matter your size, sector or ambitions. Plus, Huckletree offers its members a range of impactful services, including mentorship and consulting on everything from innovation to fundraising. Let’s get started!

01. Pick a hub...


For super-high-growth startups innovating in SaaS (software as a service), finance and technology.


For startups and scaleups challenging and transforming established industries, from property to insurance.

White City

For digital pioneers defining the future of how we shop, eat, sleep, wear, game, watch, think, move and, ultimately, live.

02. Truly sustainable

Introducing the Net Zero workspace

Sustainability isn’t just a slogan – it’s become a priority for countless startups. Huckletree is building a Net Zero-themed workspace in London for the most innovative investors and brands in the sector. Set to open in 2022, it’ll be buzzing with thinkers, disruptors, experts and investors working under one roof to tackle the climate challenge from unique angles.

03. As flexible as you can get

Exactly how you want it

How and when we work has never been more in flux. The age of the permanent, never-changing office is over. Huckletree’s workspace-on-demand model allows you to customize the perfect space, from concept to management, for businesses that are looking for the trifecta of privacy, flexibility and an innovation ecosystem.

04. Members who made it happen

Coinmama, Dublin member

Cryptocurrency is an incredibly fast-growing industry and crypto exchange platforms are popping up globally. One standout company in the sector is Coinmama, which has grown to a whopping 2.8 million customers in 188 countries. The company, founded in 2013, makes it fast, safe and fun to buy digital currency, anywhere in the world. It’s also on a mission to demystify the industry and bring cryptocurrency to the masses, making it accessible and easy to understand. At Huckletree’s Dublin hub, Coinmama works alongside members including fintech challenger Starling Bank, freight platform leader Kontainers and startup investor Silicon Valley Bank.

MEL Science, Shoreditch member

London-based MEL Science develops next-generation science sets with VR and AR lessons for kids aged 5 to 16+. The team are all, naturally, science lovers – between them (and with 10 science PhDs on staff) they’ve created science tournaments, developed games, founded a 3D design studio and created two mobile software development companies. Last year, MEL Science was named Science Innovator of the Year at one of the biggest education-tech industry shows, BETT, and in November 2020 the company raised $14 million in a funding round. The investors included Channel 4 Ventures, who were introduced to the team earlier this year as part of Huckletree’s Platform outreach.

The Collective UK, White City member

Founded in New Zealand by two entrepreneurial chefs, Angus Allan and Ofer Shenhav, The Collective began as a quest to create fantastic yogurt that tasted amazing. The two Kiwis soon brought on two Brits – Amelia Harvey and the late Mike Hodgson – to bring that goodness to the UK. The Collective UK became a certified B Corporation in 2020, as part of the growing global movement of socially responsible businesses, and has a goal to become the most sustainable dairy company in the world. The company’s strong social conscience has led it to pledge £10,000 to support Action Against Hunger and develop a pioneering dual-layered yogurt in collaboration with sports charity The Brownlee Foundation.

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