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Whether it's the opening of a retail store or a food truck's first day of trading, the way in which you launch a new business can be the key to ensuring long-term success. But when you're doing everything yourself – from marketing to bookkeeping – things can feel a little overwhelming. The solution is to work smart and deploy tools to help you make the best decisions from day one. By bringing together your invoice data and marketing tools in one place, QuickBooks and Mailchimp can empower business owners to speed up sales, accelerate growth and serve their customers better.

Case studies

Pottery West: balancing art and business

Pottery West balances art and business

Neon Workshops: illuminating an industry

Neon art boosted by Mailchimp and QuickBooks

Papillon Living: from launch to long haul

Papillon Living: from launch to long haul

Utter Waffle: four wheels to four walls

Utter Waffle: four wheels to four walls

See how bringing your Mailchimp marketing tools and QuickBooks invoice data together in one place* can help make your campaigns more powerful—and help you get back to doing your own thing.

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*QuickBooks Online and Mailchimp sold separately. Integration available. Availability of features and functionality varies by plan type.