After seeing ‘the staggering environmental impact and the heartbreaking human rights issues’ of the diamond industry, Ryan Shearman wanted to change it. He created the world’s first carbon-negative diamonds from air, transforming pollution and evolving excess carbon dioxide into something beautiful. He launched Aether, a progressive company attempting to reverse climate change, in 2020. The diamonds themselves are identical to those removed from the earth, but Aether as a brand is unique. ‘We want to give people who want to have a positive impact on the environment the opportunity to make a guilt-free choice,’ he says. In an industry that continues to come under fire, Aether – which aims to be fully independently carbon-negative by 2023 – is standing out from the crowd.

Photography by Justin J Wee


Empowering luxury consumers to choose sustainability makes a huge difference: ‘Aether diamonds are the only truly sustainable diamonds on the market, and the only ones that allow customers to have a positive impact on the planet,’ says Ryan


Aether is the first of its kind. If the company can be the voice to grow change, the future of diamonds would be one that always prioritizes the wellbeing of the earth.

‘What really stands out is that Aether’s ethos and values are progressive towards a lasting future, and I am drawn to the educational storytelling it shares transparently with its audience. For me, understanding a company’s values first and foremost gives me instant insight into the product’s future as a consumer, and its longevity,’ Nicola says. ‘As consumers become more savvy, they want transparency from brands. I truly believe that it will become less “abnormal’ for businesses to present clear facts across their brands’ owned platforms.’

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