Authenticity and real-life connections can often be lost on social media, but Naj Austin is out to build it around the human experience. After founding Ethel’s Club, a social platform and co-working space for people of color, Naj turned her attention to making social media spaces more accessible, safe and user-friendly. Her new digital platform, Somewhere Good, aims to do exactly that, by encouraging connections based on common interests. ‘Somewhere Good is designed to encourage discovery and simplify connecting with one another online,’ Naj says. ‘There is no friending or following, and the main feature is devoted to fostering thoughtful conversation in intimate settings. Our goal is to mimic real, in-person group experiences built around trust, knowledge sharing and authentic kinship.’

Photography by Bryan Banducci


Sometimes the most exciting business opportunities can come from your purest desires: in this case, the desire for a safe, fun, community-first experience. ‘We hope that people can feel more like themselves and better connected to who they are through the ability to connect and learn from others,’ says Naj.


Somewhere Good offers a fresh new outlook and gives anyone and everyone the chance to be creative in their own way – and discover other creativity via the digital community.

‘I really like the idea of looking at the internet as a place for possibility and dream, as opposed to doom. In a time when we have been so attached to screens and devices, this creates a pleasant outlet to scroll,’ says Nicola. ‘What makes Somewhere Good unique is its sense of community. For us, our audiences have always been our advocates, our loyalists. There’s a real niche for a company that’s driven by community and this abnormal approach is something I look forward to seeing more of.’

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