Launched by multi-hyphenate creative Xoey Fourr in early 2020, WIMP is an agency that highlights queer and Trans+ talent. Xoey saw that it was necessary to, ‘create a door into the industry for them that was never going to shut them out because they are Trans+’, and transformed her monthly club night WIMP into a talent agency. Now, ‘we get to work and collaborate with some incredible casting directors, agencies and businesses’, she says, adding, ‘we are creating a roster that goes above and beyond being a model. The talent we represent are true artists; collectively they exist within and outside of any binary way of thinking.’

Photography by Heather Glazzard


When your industry won’t make space for you, sometimes you have to create it: ‘When the moment came, I knew it was the right time for me to be able to provide the support necessary to those I would be representing,’ says Xoey.


WIMP is inspiring inclusivity through its storytelling and creativity. Its powerful influence on content and out-of-home campaigns encourages world-renowned brands to think and see progressively.

‘In a world where equality is of the utmost importance, companies such as WIMP are simply giving every individual the fairest chance,’ says Nicola. ‘They are focusing on a community whose talent may otherwise be overlooked as there has not, up until now, been a place for them to “fit in”. I think companies like WIMP are vital: they are a voice for meaningful change, and the creative discovery is endless.’

DECIEM is a humble and happy umbrella of good beauty brands like NIOD, Hylamide and The Ordinary. It was founded on the principle of doing everything others don't do, and it's changing the world of beauty through doing the right thing.

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