William Padilla-Brown isn’t just a mushroom merchant. He’s a citizen scientist keen to share his knowledge about mushrooms with the world. William was drawn to start his research company,MycoSymbiotics, after a psychedelic experience. ‘I distilled that experience down to an understanding that homeostasis [biological equilibrium between interdependent elements] can only be achieved through symbiosis with local systems, social and ecological,’ he says. He launched in 2015, collecting and selling native cultures, creating new cultures, doing field research and acquiring samples. William’s main passion and drive is as a teacher, to make cultivation more accessible to everyone. But why mushrooms? ‘All mushrooms are medicinal. So it’s like: wow, look at this miracle thing on the planet that can do all of these great things – who would not want to be involved with this?’ he says.

Photography by Zack DeZon


William identified mushrooms as something the world needs on both an environmental and medicinal level, which drove him to launch MycoSymbiotics: ‘Everything that we release out to the world is ecologically regenerative and sustainable.’


MycoSymbiotics offers engaging education about an industry that’s garnering a lot of attention, presenting people with much-needed information as our understanding around both psychedelic and ‘regular’ mushrooms continues to grow.

‘William’s approach to building education within communities is what makes MycoSymbiotics so unique. He’s able to draw an audience’s attention with his in-depth scientific knowledge straight from the research lab to the field,’ says Nicola. ‘What I like about his approach to business is the commitment to science and being transparent into its environmental research lab. We, too, are a community of good people, and we champion other companies to be open and honest.’

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